Wednesday, July 28, 2021



Greetings and Hearty Welcome to our world’s First Mahendra Medara community portal.

All the key initiatives and services are dedicated to our Mahendra Medara community and past ancestors, as without them we are not here today and let us build a new foundation for our generations to come.


The key objective for setting up this Medara community portal is to promote unity, integration and welfare to our Medara community peoples spread across worldwide. This website will act as a platform to unite, empower and share our culture to the uplift of our community by integrating among ourselves by bringing all the Medara’s together to reach new heights.


Our mission is to provide support and empower for the betterment of our Medara community peoples in social, economical and cultural conditions to improve livelihood. Our activities will focus on networking, coordinating and integrating Medara Sangams and Associations exist across states and regions of AndraPradesh, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Kerala and Orissa.


Also the purpose of this portal is to make aware and provide information about our community origin, history or traditional practices we followed, as many of our young  Medaras are not much aware in detail. As we are responsible for educating and empowering our next generation fellow Medaras and thus to evade the cultural dis-orientation, declination in society and isolation from our community peoples.


We are proud that many of our community peoples have attained remarkable achievements in life and exceptional in education, art, social works, medicine, politics, government services. We do recognize them and bring to stage of honors.


So, this website is a small foot step after many thought process in considering all the aspects and the initiatives below will reap benefits to our fellow Medaras in long run.


1.    Federation of united Medara Sangams across states & districts and regions.

· :-  Web portal to federate and provide details of all the Medara Sangams around the world, showcasing the Community Origin, History, Traditions and act as bridge to other features like Family Tree [Genealogy], Matrimonial, Business Directory of Sangams, Educational support, Charity, Job etc.,


2.    MEDARA-Book of Family Records[CENSUS MISSION] :- Collection of each MEDARA’s individuals family information like gothram, kulam [family names], birth, marriage, death and life events in a presentable and extractable format in Family Tree Structure [Genealogy]. This will be a collective records of all MEDARA community people and will be available and sharable to all registered Sangams and members all the time.

·         MEDARA.Org:- To best of my knowledge there is no collective actual census information of our Medara peoples and common ledger. Hope we have few Medara Sangams actively working in some regions and might have procedure of maintaining the records.  But overall collective head count and integration of records are not available and we will initiate this mission by this portal  through the help of existing Sangams.


3.    Matrimonial: - Though most of us are educated and grown higher in levels and spread across the native locations and thus getting disconnected. Nowadays finding right marriage alliance match within our community is getting difficult and will be even worse in future.

·         MEDARA.Net[Matrimonial]: - This will provide the Matrimonial services to the entire Medara Community. Few of you might have known about this website and this service was operative since 2007 and due to some technical issues currently this is shut down and we will re-instate with secured features.


So, we invite you all and looking for enthusiastic volunteers from each states, districts, cities to work on this cause and be the part of these initiatives. Please feel free to contact us anytime through email at Admin at Medara.Org for any information, questions, suggestions and feedback.


With Warm Regards,



Our Medara Sangams and its members value diversity and respect members of other castes.